About Us

With 190 years of combined legal experience, Access Legal’s solicitors have successfully acted for and defended a vast array of clients in legal areas such as, Litigation, Property Purchases and Sales, Family Law, Wills and Estate Planning, and Traffic Offences.

Respected work ethic

We can represent you using equitable and legal arguments to achieve the result you are seeking. We have a large referral network of academics, leading prosecutors, and specialised legal practitioners; supported by allied health professionals, doctors, and psychologists and can offer a tailor-made representation and service to suit your needs.

Fees with parameters

We know that all clients want a successful outcome, but we also know that fees are of a concern to you. We work with our clients from the very beginning to understand their financial boundaries and estimate the hours of work that will be involved in each case to provide an accurate fee estimate. We’ll be upfront if there are circumstances around your case that may increase your fees beyond what we expect.

We are selective

We don’t purport to handle every matter, or every client and we will not take on cases that fall outside our area of expertise. Most of our clients are professionals and career-orientated individuals, young people with promising futures and good parents with families they love. We know the needs of our clients in those areas, and we know the legal systems involved. We know the pitfalls and how to work around them.

We focus on you, not just your case

Being accused of a crime or other wrongdoing is a highly stressful experience. From the moment you contact us we will work to alleviate anxieties and concerns. We handle the difficult communications and preparations on your behalf (including Court appearances) by developing and providing the information that is necessary. Our team is here to get you through the experience with as little impact to you and your loved one’s lives as possible.

We think outside the box

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in legal cases. Our legal team are trained and experienced lawyers who can get you a good result by finding creative defences to employ at trial. We use a combination of equitable and legal arguments to negotiate a settlement and utilise the best approach to achieve the best result.

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