Just sign here… ‘silent’ directors beware

If you have been asked to accept a position as a director of a company in which you have little or no involvement, think again. All too often spouses are appointed as a co-director of their partner’s company without understanding their full responsibilities as a...Read More

Claiming workers compensation after you have been terminated

Some people who have been injured at work do not want to lodge a workers compensation claim while they are still employed because they feel that their work situation will become ‘awkward’. This is why some employees choose to wait and claim workers compensation after...Read More

Key considerations when selling your business

You should ensure you take time to prepare and carefully consider the sale of your business, before committing to sell. There is a lot to organise and prepare when getting ready to sell your business, which is why we recommend seeking legal advice from experienced...Read More

Your family law matter – keep it off social media

Do you have a grudge with your ex? Think twice before airing it on social media! Social media is commonly referred to as modern day ‘Surveillance’ for family law matters. What you post on your social media accounts may be used against you to damage your credibility by...Read More